Many different labels are available today to advertise your brand in the quietest yet most effective way. However, woven labels are popular with clothing businesses. What is a Woven Label? Woven labels are soft and smooth yet durable labels that do not even fade after countless machine washes. Premium woven labels are woven into a single piece of fabric. Aseefashion is one of the leading woven label manufacturers. We produce wholesale woven labels using classy fabrics such as silk, cotton, satin, and polyester, giving a soft, smooth, and luxurious feel every time it touches the skin.Woven Label

We produce woven labels with sustainable factors in mind. We can also use up to 100% recycled polyester yarn from plastic bottles, reducing our carbon footprint. Plain-woven labels are created by weaving threads along to form a visible result. It'll be found in shirts, skirts, jeans, hats, and different vesture. They have functions, such as logos, sponsor taglines, or anything you would like to form an outfit to look additional appealing. Others opt for the archetype. On the opposite hand, others take additional subtle styles that charm attention. So do not be surprised if the label is always there, and you, as a manufacturer, must pay close attention to its attachment.

Key Difference Between Printed and Woven

As mentioned earlier, different labels give different impressions, so you will want to make sure you pick the right one for your outfit. There are variations between the two labels, namely:

Price. Printed labels tend to be the less expensive of the two because of their ease of production. Woven labels are made on a loom and are more expensive, and the material tends to be of more durable quality, which requires more attention. Woven labels are costlier, however, it depends on your garments' purpose and value purpose.

Durability. Woven labels tend to last longer than other variations. After all, they are carefully sewn rather than printed, making them more resistant to repeated washing and handling.

Professional quality. You will notice that many high-end fashion brands use woven instead of printed labels. That is because it gives a more luxurious impression and makes your clothes look more expensive. However, properly printed labels offer the same professional look as light clothing.

Design complexity. Brand names, contact details, and website addresses are usually what you would expect from a woven label - but if they are large enough, a fairly complex design can be woven into the label. In contrast, printed labels can combine hundreds of different colors into one in a small space to produce complex and sophisticated designs.

Data Variation. Printed labels are usually used for labels that include sizes because they can be more competitively priced due to easier setup than woven labels. For example, not all types of leather labels wholesale sold provide complete data compared to woven labels of a product.

Key benefits of woven labels:

Personalization: Attractive, professional-looking woven labels allow your brand to carry a unique identity that captivates even a glimpse of it. Made from ordinary or recycled yarn, luxury woven labels represent a brand's authenticity and sustainable image.

Silent Salesman: the most effective thanks to market your garments is to feature labels. Labels with useful washing instructions help to promote the brand message, leaving an unforgettable impression discreetly. Well-stitched woven labels, the appearance of which matches the clothing style and color scheme, agree with the authenticity of the brand. You will showcase your brand without making a fuss or being too flashy with your marketing tactics.

Uniformity: If you want to consolidate your branding style and show customers that all of your ranges are part of your production, then using standard woven labels is a wise idea. They act as small identifying markers that hold different garments together.

Sophistication: The soft touch of woven labels and a dazzling feel provide a richer and more sophisticated look than normal-looking printed labels.

No Fading: Unlike printed merchandise, woven labels last as long as clothing. They do not fade in regular washing. They keep in situ for an extended amount. The instructions on them stay that way even after using them for years. Here at Aseefashion, our premium woven labels are color-resistant and retain their shape even after repeated washing.

Customization Possibilities: Woven labels can be made in various designs and colors. Fashion brands can easily choose a design that will fulfill their labeling purpose, making it look beautiful and presentable. The personal touch is guaranteed with a woven label blog.

Aseefashion is one of the trusted woven label manufacturers you can rely on for all your woven label needs. Our woven labels are produced by trained craftsmen using the latest technology. Our crafts are renowned worldwide for their consistency of color, variety of designs, and course quality. So contact us if you also want to provide a unique labeling and packaging solution exceeding your customer's expectations. We want to serve you and your customer base.