TPU leather label It is generally used on the back waist of jeans. Of course, it is also used on bags, handbags, shoes and hats. The materials of the leather label are usually the following types: such as sheepskin label, cowhide label, pigskin label, Gold/silver leather, microfiber, canvas, horsehair, PVC, TPU, etc., the LOGO or company brand logo will be all customized on different materials.

  The craftsmanship of leather brand is generally hot pressing (high temperature and timed ironing), voltage (high frequency), silk screen, laser, car thread, embroidery, hardware, etc., mainly depending on the designer's design requirements, according to what the designer wants to express theme to produce and reflect.

  Different themes and different materials naturally require different craftsmanship. Pay attention to many products in different industries. You can’t underestimate any product. Its existence must have its unique charm, importance and uniqueness and irreplaceability.