On the list of articles of clothing labels, PVC labels are the most recent addition. Right now, we will tell you about what PVC labels are. We'll discuss the benefits of exploiting PVC labels for articles of clothing.

Making PVC labels for clothing made of soft PVC rubber by sewing it onto the clothing. Sometimes, some attachments use adhesive. Print the company logo on the label or create a unique and fresh look. PVC label designs are available in 3D as well. The versatility of designs on PVC labels is a great reason to choose them, and they are inexpensive to make.

 There are many types of labels for clothing. Let's look at the different types of wholesale custom clothing labels and then see how PVC holds up. Here are some explanations about clothing labels:

Labels for clothing are tags or pieces of card, paper, or other materials attached to clothing. Labeling is an important element of marketing. This helps shoppers in large stores to pick and choose the type of clothing that suits their needs. Labels help customers identify brands. Dimensions, fabrics, as well as other useful details. Labels can be hung on a string, printed, woven, or embossed on clothing.

Marketing through labels

Each manufacturer wants to have a loyal customer base. The ability to make people remember you is the most important marketing method. To connect with customers, direct marketing consists of television commercials, online marketing, and billboards. Accessories used in garment manufacturing have an important role in clothing marketing. Clothing labels are one of the most important clothing accessories. If people remember your label and brand name, they are more likely to buy your stuff. If more people could demonstrate trust in a particular brand, its logo could become a symbol of high quality.

Types of clothing labels

For beginners, here we explain several clothing labels that can be used as a reference before making a label for your clothing brand.

Play Labels

This is the main label usually used to inform your brand name so that later customers will easily find the clothing brand.

Tag Size

As the name implies, this label is, of course, used to inform the size of the clothing, such as S for Small size, M for Medium size, L for Large size, and XL for Extra Large size.


Care Labels

Care labels provide important information on how to care for the garment properly.

Flag Labels

Have you ever seen the label on the edge of your shirt? The label is called the Flag label, sewn on the side of the shirt, and usually includes the brand logo.

Misc Labels

The Misc Label will usually include information from which country the product originates, information about the product, and the composition of the ingredients used.


PVC clothing labels

As rubber integrates with our daily lives, it is also incorporated into the apparel industry. The advantages of rubber are softness, lightness, and resistance to heat. This is the reason it is suitable for use every day. PVC labels are often used for swimwear and are gaining popularity among sports brands because they can be worn without increasing the burden on the clothes.

Use of PVC labels

Labels made of PVC are also attached to shoes and bags. Not only does it have a beautiful and neat design, but it is also easy to remove. If you are unhappy with how your PVC labels look, cut the thread used to sew them. Easy as that. Transparent PVC labels are as elegant as any other.

Custom PVC labels can apply to jackets, T-shirts, sports shoes, and bags. They help in creating marketing strategies by putting logos on labels. Businesses make PVC labels according to their style. They might decorate it with their company logo in 3D design.

PVC labels offer a longer service life than other labels. It will not fade or disappear. The color is on the rubber when it is made. This is why his color lasts for the rest of his life. These PVC labels consist of the softest rubber-like material. Creates a soft appearance. It is ideal for clothing for children.

Skin-friendly PVC label

Conventional labels are known to cause itching and redness of the skin when a person sweats. And it is a bad choice for those who do physical activity.

Clothing for sports must withstand heat, sweat, and various weather conditions. In addition, reduced clothing weight increases productivity. This is why PVC labels have become popular in apparel for sports businesses. For example, sports footwear, trouser bags, and other items.

PVC labels save production costs

PVC labels for articles of clothing are getting well-liked among makers. This is because of the durable nature of these labels. PVC rubber is light in weight and has lower production costs. The majority use of PVC labels for swimwear as well as snowsuits and other water sports


PVC labeling for clothing has the characteristics of being soft, strong, and smooth to the touch. Lightweight when compared to leather and metal labels. PVC labels are very popular among sportswear manufacturers. The demand for PVC labels is increasing every day. They give an elegant appearance to clothes. Affordable labeling costs. Not easily damaged or faded by time or pressure. Another advantage is gentle on the skin and will not cause itching or rashes. PVC labels are an excellent choice for children's clothing as well as for adult clothing.