Custom printed labels are a great way to put your t-shirts one step ahead of the crowd. For example, custom leather clothing labels or HTL are examples of labels in the fashion industry. They are comfortable and stylish and give your brand a lot of extra authority.

For a t-shirt label design maker, clothing labeling is an important part of your product. Labels help promote your business and make your products stand out. When deciding what label you should use, details such as material, type, size, color, fold, design, and position must be considered.

Woven, print, and hot labels are the most common for clothing. The right choice for you depends on the type of t-shirt you wear. Remember that the t-shirt will be in direct contact with the skin, so choose a soft and comfortable texture.

So how do you make sure you have the best labels?

When creating your custom t-shirt labels (tags), setting up all the necessary content first is important. You wish to create certain you've got the following:

  1. Company or Brand Name
  2. T-shirt size
  3. Fabric composition
  4. Country of origin of manufacture
  5. Washing or care instructions
  6. RN number

In this article, we will discuss the types of labels that are suitable for t-shirts. Not only t-shirts clothing labels are also needed for all types of clothing.

Labels can be used as brand placement, explanation of how to treat or care for labels, size indicators, and even the composition of the fabric used. In one garment, the number and placement of labels vary greatly. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss and thoroughly peel labeling.

Types of Clothing Labels

Clothing labels come in a huge variety. We will discuss what types of labels are suitable for t-shirts.

  • Permanent Labels

A permanent label is a label that will continue to stick to your clothes or t-shirt because it has been sewn or screen printed, so it will not come off.

Examples of using permanent labels are brand labels, care labels or care labels, and clothing or t-shirt size labels. Permanent labels can be made by sewing, screen printing, or printing.

  • Temporary Labels

Temporary labels are detachable labels. Labels are placed where they can be easily removed or sewn on but have a material prone to detachment.

Examples of temporary labels are clothing size labels in the form of stickers or tear off / tear away labels, commonly used by plain t-shirt manufacturers whose shirts are sold to t-shirt businesses or screen printing businesses so that the labels can be torn off and replaced with their labels.

Types of Clothing Label Materials

  • Woven labels

Woven labels are labels made using weave/woven or woven techniques. This type of wholesale custom woven labels is often used because it is sturdy and not easily damaged. The material also varies. Some are made of cotton, polyester, or other mixed fibers.

  • Satin labels

Satin labels are labels made of satin. Satin material has the characteristics of a shiny cloth and looks glossy. Satin labels are often used in semi-formal to formal women's clothing, such as dresses or tops, which can give an exclusive impression.

  • Tear Away / Tear Off Taffeta Labels

The tear-away or tear-off taffeta label is a fairly new label. This label is suitable for plain t-shirt manufacturers who sell their products to other businesses, such as t-shirt branding or t-shirt screen printing businesses. This is because these labels are easily torn off by hand so that other business owners can replace the tear-away or tear-off labels with theirs.

  • Nylon labels

Nylon or nylon labels are labels made of nylon material. The material is strong, durable, and easy to get on the market. This material is also suitable for t-shirt labels and other casual clothing.

  • Screen Printing / Print Labels

Screen printing or printed labels are labels that are not sewn but are printed directly on the fabric. This type of label is commonly found and used on t-shirts.

Indeed, there are many types of label materials, but not all of them are suitable for t-shirts. Make sure the label you will use matches your shirt's branding so that your shirt looks of higher quality. Remember to pay attention to the quality of the label material! Not all labels are of the same quality. High and low prices sometimes cannot be used as a determinant.


Label Recommendations for T-Shirts

Woven labels are suitable for t-shirts. Besides being stronger, woven labels also have good quality.

But for t-shirts intended to be sold to other t-shirt business owners or B2B sales, we recommend producing t-shirts with tear-way or tear-off labels. If you use a tear-away or tear-off label, they can easily tear off the label if you want to replace it with theirs.

Launching a new product requires handling multiple tasks simultaneously, but attention to detail is essential. Choosing the right type of label is very important for your branding and product design. As part of your marketing strategy, the right label highlights your products, communicates your brand message, complements your customer's lifestyles, and helps drive new purchases.

Also, remember to study your state's rules for commercializing textiles. Check the instructions and apply them to your product. The last thing you need as a startup business is to accept a fine or be stuck with a product you can't sell.