What steps do you need to make an embossed leather-based label and how can it be the key to attractiveness for your business? Keep learning to discover step by step so you can make the right labels and unforgettable!

Embossed leather label, what is it? 

Embossed leather labels are precise and intricate labels made from leather. They can be sewn onto the product or attached as a one of a kind label. It's the perfect answer if you need to highlight the lifestyle for your variety and set it apart from the other items to be had.

Square Shape Embossed Logo Leather Labels

So, how do you make custom embossed leather labels, and what are the main advantages of choosing this solution? Keep reading to find answers to these!

How to use custom embossed leather labels? The most popular solutions include:

  • tags and labels are sewn onto the product. This is the least invasive method; in this case, the custom embossed leather labels stay with the customer forever. At the same time, it is the most effective advertising tool that allows you to continuously promote your reach and brand without incurring additional costs. If you want to sew your label on a product, make sure you design a quality and attractive project that will catch the attention of buyers. Why don't you make a label with your company logo and a funny slogan or message? It's a great way to mix business with pleasure - help customers express themselves and promote your offerings.
  • tags and labels that attach to products. This more versatile option is not as invasive as sewn-in labels. While it probably won't do you as much benefit as a label attached to a product in perpetuity, it still serves its purpose. You can use these labels to convey important information about your product's ingredients or to demonstrate your brand's value. It's a great way to make customers feel special and position your brand with more prestige.
  • more accessories and promotional particulars added to packages or distributed throughout enterprise events. Giving away leather accessories during industry events is a great way to reach new potential buyers. Plus, adding small gifts like that to your package can increase customer satisfaction and help people build relationships with your brand. This is the first step to winning over loyal buyers and convincing them to stay with you longer.

Main Advantages

Embossed leather labels can provide many benefits to your business, including the following:

  • A precise, elegant, and attractive label can increase your logo recognition and can last for a long time.
  • Can use materials that can be recycled. If you want to convey the professionalism and value of your logo, embossed leather labels are perfect for this purpose.
  • With a prestigious and trusted appearance, embossed leather labels can not make your product more prestigious, recognizable, and trustworthy.

Here's an easy way to emboss a leather label using a leather stamp:

Embossing is a printing technique with an aluminum plate of specific letters, numbers, or symbols with a finish that gives embossed or raised print results on the surface of the skin you want to print on. Adding embossed initials makes your product name or logo design more attractive and personal.

The embossing process is done with an arrangement of aluminum plates, a stamp tool, and a wooden beater. Set up a 3D leather stamp kit with an aluminum plate/cylinder that fits all the stamps. Make sure this aluminum plate includes the stamp. This plate is the part that will be used to create a mold on the skin. Steps:

  1. Aluminum plates containing letters, numbers, or certain logos can be arranged according to your wishes.
  2. Place the leather on a flat table. Make sure the front of the skin is facing up. Define the area to be embossed. Arrange letters, numbers, or logos on the embossing plate before printing.
  3. Place the stamp tool on top, then insert the aluminum plate into the stamp's center. Make sure to use medium pressure because it's safer for leather.
  4. Hit the top of the stamp several times with a wooden mallet. Make sure the stamp doesn't move when hit.
  5. Repeat the steps above with the other stamps if you want a more complex design. Use a finishing product for the leather when you have finished embossing.

Those are the steps for embossing leather using a leather stamp. The embossing technique seems more special, can be adapted to current designs and is done originally. The emboss is neat and has a visible embossed effect. Emboss also does not damage the main ingredients of leather products. By using the actual manufacturing process, embossing is done slowly. Hence, it takes longer to process specific designs but still provides a detailed appearance and embossed prints created using aluminum plates.

Hopefully, this article can be helpful for all of you who want to be creative in decorating leather with leather embossing. If you feel that leather labels are not the best solution, you can also try custom sleeve hem tags to support your product.

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