Keychain manufacturers can also produce and sell custom 3D and semi-3D rubber keychains. In addition, rubber or silicone keychain custom have two sides or back and forth, with the same or different designs. This 3D and 2-sided rubber key chain are not cheaper than the usual rubber key chain. These rubber key chains generally have only one side, but they can be customized. Customers can order their design key chains for 3D, semi-3D, and 2-sided rubber key chains.

One-sided rubber key chain, this type of rubber key chain usually has the shape of a rubber key chain with one side with a plain back and a flat shape.

Double-sided rubber keychain, this double-sided shape keychain has either the same or different sides. If key chains usually only have a shape on one side, this type of key chain has two sides filled with the desired design.

3D rubber keychain, as the name suggests, this keychain has a 3-dimensional design. You can order this hanger according to the shape you want, like the shape of a ball, doll, toy car, or other rubber key chain.

Semi-3D rubber key ring, combined as the name suggests. This type of keychain will be flat and 3D. Generally, key chains that have a 3-dimensional shape will have characteristics such as convex and concave key chains. Rubber apart from being used as a material that can be used to make key chains, there are several new innovations that are very useful among many people.

Rubber key chains can be custom-made, both in design and shape, so that the key chain model can be ordered according to the wishes and needs of the customer. Rubber key chains are widely used as motorcycle key chains, car key chains, bag hangers, backpacks, and other uses.

Is there a difference between silicone and rubber keychains?

Yes, there is a difference between silicone and rubber keychains.

Silicone keychains are made of silicone, a synthetic rubber-like material that is flexible and durable. Silicone is resistant to heat, cold, and UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor use. It's also hypoallergenic and easy to clean, making it a popular choice for keychains.

On the other hand, rubber keychains are made of natural or synthetic rubber. Rubber keychains are also flexible and durable but more susceptible to environmental factors such as extreme temperatures and UV rays. Rubber keychains can also become brittle over time and may crack or break.

Both silicone and rubber keychains have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them often comes down to personal preference and the intended use of the keychain.

Which one lasts longer, silicone or rubber keychain?

The lifespan of a silicone or rubber keychain depends on various factors, such as the quality of the material, exposure to environmental factors, and frequency of use. But in general, silicone keychains tend to last longer than rubber keychains.

Silicone is a more durable and flexible material than rubber, and it resists tearing, fading, and discoloration. It can also withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and UV rays, which can cause the rubber to deteriorate over time. Silicone keychains are less likely to crack and can hold their shape longer.

However, it is essential to note that the lifespan of silicone and rubber keychains can be affected by factors such as how often they are used, how they are stored, and how they are cared for. For example, a rubber keychain frequently exposed to extreme temperatures or chemicals may not last very long if stored in a cooler, drier environment. In general, silicone keychains are more durable and long-lasting than rubber keychains custom ones.

In terms of price, which keychain is cheaper, silicone or rubber?

In general, silicone keychains are more expensive than rubber ones. However, the price difference between the two materials is insignificant and can vary widely depending on the brand, design, and manufacturer factors. It should also be noted that there are different grades of silicone and rubber, and the quality of the material can also affect the price.

It's a good idea to compare prices for specific keychain products made from each material to understand the cost differences better. Keep in mind that there may also be other factors to consider, such as durability, versatility, and design, that can affect the overall value of a product. This general trend may depend on the country and store that sells it. So, check the prices at your local shops before buying.

Here is a summary of the differences between silicone and rubber keychains:

Material: Silicone key chains are made of silicone, while rubber key chains are made of rubber.

Elasticity: Silicone is more elastic than rubber, making it easier to shape and formulate.

Moisture: Silicone does not absorb water, while rubber tends to absorb water and speeds up the rusting process.

Durability: Silicone is more durable and resistant to damage than rubber.

Price: Silicone keychains are usually more expensive than rubber keychains.

Hardness: Silicone is softer and does not cause scratches on the object it is affixed to, while rubber is harder and can cause scratches on the thing it is affixed to.

Thus, the choice between silicone and rubber keychains depends on your needs and preferences.