Before we discuss how to make key chains made of various materials such as wholesale leather keychains,  wood, metal, and plastic, you need to know the function of these products.

Keychain Function

The advantages of rubber keychains, have you ever seen a keychain? Items that are considered useless have an essential function. Some of the common tasks of key chains include accessories for house keys, vehicles, cupboards, drawers, etc., making it easier for you to retrieve the key.

Apart from being a key chain, the additional function of the key chain is decoration. Many take advantage of these key chain crafts as wedding and promotional souvenirs, especially rubber key chains, because they are more economical in large quantities, whether they will be resold or made into a keepsake for an agency for guests.

PVC Rubber Keychain

The advantages of rubber key chains from other materials

Choosing a rubber key chain as a souvenir is the very right thing. Because by choosing a rubber key chain, you will get many advantages, including:

  1. The price of rubber keychains is lower

Rubber key chain souvenirs are now a promotional choice from various agencies because the purchase price is so low. Also, the rubber material is easier to find, and those who want to make key chains on a low budget are better off choosing key chains made of rubber.

You can save a budget for carrying out your various activities to make souvenirs in rubber key chains and can allocate these funds for other needs, such as consumption funds, venue funds, or others.

  1. Rubber keychain is more durable

Having a rubber base material makes this key chain souvenir more durable and long-lasting because the elastic nature of rubber is different from the acrylic base material, which can break if it falls. Otherwise, the rubber will not break.

Rubber key chains will not even be timeless. The material is solid and very difficult to decompose on the ground. If the hanger is lost on the ground or anywhere else for a very long time, the possibility of damage will be minimal.

  1. Rubber key chains can be customized

 If you want to make a rubber key chain, you can shape it according to your taste. You can make designs and colors according to your wishes (Customize Design), and these key chain manufacturing services will handle it accordingly.

You can shape it according to the activities you want to carry out, shape it according to the company name or logo, or design it with your favorite cartoon or anime character.

How to Make Quality Rubber Keychains

For the quality of the hanger to be used to have a good level, you must consider how to make the proper rubber key chain. The manufacturing process, starting from the selection of materials to the step by step, must be regarded as properly so that the results can be maximized. Choosing the right quality rubber key chain by knowing how to make it optimally will give you satisfaction when you get the product.

Tips for choosing based on how to make rubber keychains correctly

To maximize the quality of the rubber key chains you get, you must be able to select the quality well. Attention to every advantage of these rubber key chains will be the proper consideration in getting good quality. Here are some tips for choosing rubber key chains based on how to make them suitable rubber key chains:

  • Guaranteed quality that can last a long time when used. Of course, this will be related to the rubber material used for the manufacturing process
  • Consider whether the price offered is by the quality of the product. You can pay attention to examples of rubber key chains that are in these manufacturers
  • Note that the cut of the key chain must be smooth and neat so that it looks right and is of high quality to use
  • Consider suggestions or recommendations from others who have used the manufacturer's services. Usually, you can get it from partners or published testimonials

How to Make Quality Rubber Keychains

Making the right rubber key chain has become the standard for maximum quality. Every manufacturer will undoubtedly guarantee product quality by considering the complete manufacturing steps. Here are the steps for making the right and maximum rubber keychain:

  • Making designs using computer assistance will maximize the customer's custom process
  • The vector output will be printed on a copper plate to produce a precise relief image for the rubber keychain
  • Prepare aluminum with a plate thickness of 1 cm and the machine to be used. Using a suitable machine will help maximize the results of the manufacture
  • After the molding is engraved, then print the rubber key chain on the mold that has been made
  • After printing, dip it in cold water for about 1 minute so that it prints properly

To give color to the rubber liquid, you can mix it with various colors to maximize the design results. Of course, the colors used also need to be adjusted to the initial designs that have been made based on the wishes of consumers. Anyone who receives this keychain will remember you, and if you struggle or want to avoid making rubber keychains wholesale, feel free to look at our product catalog!