What is that patch? Yup, for those who don't know, patches are embroidered stickers still being targeted by fashionistas to look attractive and stylish. There are many types of embroidered stickers or patches that you can use, such as smiles, donuts, fruits, milk boxes, custom leather patches for clothing, and so on.

The emblem is said to have been created by the Chinese. They make hand embroidery in the form of small cloth with certain images that can signify a person's nobility. Entering the 19th century, when the widespread use of machines for various things, emblems began to be made with these machines. Its use is widespread.

It is known later in the late 19th century. The United States military group began to wear an emblem on the shoulder of the uniform. Its function is a marker of rank, origin, division, and so on. After that, the use of emblems became increasingly known. Many people who were neither from the military group nor the Chinese nation began to wear it.

Scouts were one of the early adopters of the emblem. Similar to military members, the Scout emblem signifies the rank and awards they have received.

Over time, the emblem began to experience a shift in function. Namely as a supporting element of style. The hippies flourished in the 60s, and punk and rock musicians were seen wearing emblematic clothing. For them, the use of the emblem aims to signify freedom as an individual.

Emblem trends also affect the fashion world. Even some world-class designers and fashion houses are listed as beginners in this trend in the fashion world.

Fashion activists also seem to love the various types of emblems that are now circulating in the market. Jean jackets, shirts, pants, bags, shoes, headbands, and hats look good on this hard cloth with various patterns.

It's no wonder that middle-class fashion designers and fashion houses are starting to look at this trend. Not only plain clothes but striped-patterned t-shirts also began to be given colorful embellishments in various shapes. Starting from tops such as shirts and t-shirts. Continued to jeans, bags, and shoes, crowded with embroidered fruit, flowers, cartoon characters, symbols, and many others.

You can use the trend of decorating clothes with patches to decorate old clothes. With a minimal budget, you can use wholesale clothing tags as one of your choices. A denim jacket or worn jeans will look even more playful with a touch of patches.

Tips on Installing Patches, So that the Appearance Is More Attractive

  1. Motives and shapes

The most important thing is to determine the pattern and shape of the patch you will put on some of your clothes. You have to ensure that the patch you will use represents you and your personality. It will be even better if the patch you wear has a unique style, making people around you pay more attention to you.

  1. Place the patch

Equally important is the location of the patch. You have to make sure that the patch that you are going to install is not messy. You have to put the patch neatly so that it looks more fashionable when you use it. Try it if some of the patches you install even seem messy. People will see your patch as nothing more than a patch rather than an accessory that will maximize your style.

  1. Number of patches

Don't put too many patches on your clothes. Just 2 or 3 is enough. If the pants or jacket are large, it could be more. If you put the patch on your jacket or jeans correctly, the cool impression will radiate to the maximum. Remember, you have to install it correctly!


Wearing clothes that are given details such as embroidery or patches can indirectly make your appearance attractive, of course, with the right mix of clothes so that your appearance doesn't look weird.

The following is the inspiration for installing a patch that makes it look attractive.

Turn Old Clothes into New with a Touch of Patches

Old jeans or denim jackets can look playful with cute patches.

To try to do it yourself (DIY) with old clothes, you must match the patches with your clothing material. Also, determine what kind of theme patches you will create with custom clothing accessories so that the final result will look nicer and cooler when viewed.

You only need two large patches to decorate a jacket if you are not confident with a too-crowded look. Meanwhile, when decorating a dress, create it at the botto m, so it doesn't look too much.

If you have an excess budget, you can directly buy products sold by several brands through online shops or outlets. The price, of course, depends on the fashion model and the number of patches used. But if you only have a minimal budget, it's better to try the trend of decorating clothes with patches to improve the appearance of your old clothes. Your old clothes will look more attractive with a touch of unique patches.

Adding Detailed Patches to Clothes

Prepare clothes that you think are suitable to be decorated with various patches. After that, choose the patches that suit your wishes.

Mark your clothes to determine where the patches will be added. Paste the patches on certain parts of your clothes according to the markers made previously, then sew the edges, so they don't come off. With these patches accented clothing, your appearance is guaranteed to look chic and fashionable.

In addition to beautifying the appearance of clothing, these patch details can also be used to deal with holes or torn clothes. So if your clothes have holes, don't rush to throw them away.

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