Regardless of patch size, patches have been an essential part of the fashion industry for as long as anyone can remember. In addition, patches are also a medium used to appreciate opinions in various community groups.

Because many people use it, it's common for many luxury fashion brands to apply it to their designs. And when that happens, they take over the world's attention by adorning various clothing products, and even the demand is timeless.

Not many people realize that patches have become identifiers in various walks of life. Patches are important because they can represent the identity of a company and as a tool for promotion. For example, patches play an important part in school uniforms, official clothes, and identification logos.


Patches have variations and types that are very diverse. That's why many companies use it, but they have their own characteristics and rarely have anything in common with other logos. You can also participate in determining a design that is appropriate and represents the product or institution you are participating in.

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Denim patchwork

Often rely on denim in regular appearance? You must be familiar with denim patchwork. Impressed by the patchwork shirt, but the unique design and build make this trend so liked by many people. Besides being comfortable, denim patchwork can also be combined with any style.

Still curious about the origin of patchwork denim? This fashion item was popular in the 90s! The most characteristic feature that distinguishes denim patchwork from other fashion items is that the appearance of this denim patchwork seems more stacked with additional details on several sides.

In principle, the form of patches that are applied to denim clothing itself can be made from a variety of materials. It can be patchwork and denim in different colors, or you can also use stickers with pictures. Patching denim with darker or lighter shades can be the right choice.

Are you interested in making denim patchwork creations according to your design? The first step you have to do is select the patches or other applications that you like. After finding the patches that are to your liking, now stick the patches on your favorite denim.

The application of patches on denim jackets or jeans can be affixed by sewing or glued together using glue. There is no need to stick lots of pieces of material with colors and patterns that are too busy in your outfit. Just add a few simple accents to make your business even more fun to look at.

Not only is the appearance more trendy, but these patches can also cover up stains or holes in your denim. Apart from denim patches or badges, they are often used on school or official uniforms. Even though it looks pretty trivial and doesn't get much attention, how to install the badge itself must be done carefully.

Badge On School Uniform

Specifically for school uniforms for students at the primary and secondary education levels, this attribute, known as a badge or emblem in principle, has an essential function, namely as a complement to the national uniform as well as a marker of the identity of each school.

Several types of badges found on school uniforms include:

  1. Student organization badge is sewn on the shirt pocket or sleeve.
  2. Flag badge is sewn on top of the shirt pocket.
  3. The student's name badge is sewn on the shirt on the right side of the chest.
  4. The school name badge and district/city name are sewn on the shirt's right sleeve.

The difficulty level in sewing also depends on the badge's location. If the badge is on the top of the sleeve, you can use the neck opening to separate the layers of fabric. If it's near the wrist, you'll need to carefully not sew the two sides of the uniform sleeves together. Regarding the installation method, badges on school uniforms can, in principle, be sewn in various ways, namely by hand and by using a sewing machine.

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