Many brands and manufacturers struggle with the same problem, how to create a woven label design that is small in size, but big in impact. Small labels can be a discreet and stylish way to brand an item of clothing, for example, which is why many brands dedicate time to searching for quality, small woven labels. Below we outline some important things to consider when designing a small clothing label…

1. Less is more

Often a brand will opt for smaller custom clothing labels because their standard label size is too large for a certain object/item of clothing. In this instance, the smaller label should not try to be an exact replica of the original label but have its own unique layout. For example, instead of the brand name, just the initial of the brand or a simplified version of the brand’s logo can be effective.

2. Stay on brand

When designing a label it is important to consider the style and existing branding of your company. For example, using the same colour for your label that features in your logo is an effective way to create a cohesive company image. Every company, especially new or luxury brands, have to ensure every detail of their products are perfect and contribute to their overall brand image, including their labelling.

3. Don’t compromise on quality

If you are selecting a small size label, it is important not to sacrifice quality for size. Even small labels should be clear and crisp, so they can represent your brand in the best light possible.

Where can I find small, quality labels?

Perfect Labels Lanyards is the one-stop shop for all your fabric labels and woven label needs. Due to our high-definition weaving method, we are able to create small images and text for woven clothing labels that look like printed images. We have created quality, woven labels as small as 1 cm, with at least 1.8mm (or 2.5mm) of space in height and width to get a clear and legible weaving image, leaving multiple clients satisfied with our smooth woven images.

Custom small clothing labels

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Clothing Labels

If you have any questions regarding small clothing fabric labels, don’t hesitate to contact us.