Hello Brand Owners or those of you looking for information about custom rubber labels! Let's look at 5 important points before printing the labels. Enjoy!

As time goes by, the development of fashion is quite rapid. This is accompanied by the emergence of local clothing brands and foreign brands that enter every country.

Likewise, with your brand, it must be able to develop and go international. Armed with a strong determination to produce innovative works the market likes.

Likewise, with our determination aseefashion to encourage the progress of new brands like yours, we work in various fields and types of labels.

If you are looking for custom rubber labels, pay attention to the following 5 points before deciding:

  1. Purpose

Try to go back and pay attention to the purpose of wanting to make the custom rubber label itself.

Whether as accessories for shoes, jackets, bags, hats, vests, pants, wallets, airsoft sports costumes (rubber patches), the sandal-making industry, etc.

Or deliberately made for multi-function and the application, of course, you can. The most suitable form is a 2d or 3d and model.

  1. Design

Pay attention from the start to the basic color/model & color of the writing/logo ornament. Sometimes not all colors are available, so you can ask the manufacturer for availability before proceeding to the next stage.

  1. Shape

For rubber labels, there are 2 types of shapes on the market, namely 2D and 3D. Not all rubber manufacturers are capable of creating 3D Shapes. Here's the difference between 2D and 3D:

2D PVC patch

The most common or common 2D PVC patches often have two or more layers. Viewed from a wide view or a distance, 2D PVC appears to have a flat design and has no curved, rounded, or circular arc feel to the patch.

Many 2D PVC patches are three layers, have lumps, and look like they have many pieces of PVC patches. All layers of 2D PVC patches are horizontal, so they don't have the curvature that occurs with any 2D PVC patch.

3D PVC patch

3D PVC patch offers a vivid feeling of three-dimensional feeling. Layers or multiple layers of 3D PVC patches offer a 3D stereoscopic effect, but the curvature achieves a stereoscopic effect. 3D PVC patches have one or more layers that show an indentation.

3D PVS patch may have two layers: a background layer and a convex part layer. The convex part will be detected to have twists and curves like the curvature of the actual arm when we look at the PVC patch from the side. 3D PVC patches have no edges and are smooth.

While 2D PVC patch layers look like stairs, different 3D PVC patch layers look like hills or rough places, but all raised patch parts are round and smooth.

Compared to 3D PVC patches with 2D patches, the latter is cheaper. 3D patches are clearer and smoother than 2D patches. If you plan to customize a large number of PVC patches and you need to keep costs down, then you can use 2D patches.

  1. Size

After knowing the purpose and function of custom rubber stickers are made by determining the right size. Don't get too small and too big. Because custom rubber labels are made in addition to beautifying accessories as well as a promotion/brand awareness event, for example:

When people use your brand product within a few meters, other people around them can see your brand. Keep people around you from wanting to see it but rarely get too close. Most importantly, adjust to your needs.

Size in general: 1×2 / 2×3 / 4×1 / 3×3 (cm) or can be custom.

  1. Quantity & Price

Who wants to buy a crappy product? Everyone wants the goods they buy to be of good quality. So be aware of the price. Happy when you get low prices but low quality in the end, you will be disappointed. In making this custom rubber label, the more ordered, the lower the price.

Reasons Why You Should Get PVC Patches

If you want a fashionable yet sturdy look on your patches, then rubber labels are ideally suited to your needs. Rubber labels are highly resistant to snow, sand, dirt, rain, and more. Rubber patches are very trendy, so they are the first choice of many people.

Rubber patches are ideal for almost any occasion. They are flexible, durable, and stylish, keep their shape and color, and last a long time. They are perfect for outdoor use, such as sportswear and military uniforms. PVC patches are made of soft plastic and come in an endless range of colors, making them perfect for all designs.

For You…

Aseefashion is committed to presenting various quality custom silicone label products. It will not tear/peel off easily, even if exposed to direct sunlight or impact, which is durable, easy to apply to sewing materials, and not greasy.