One souvenir that has an affordable price and is valuable is a key chain. Apart from being used as an accessory, this product will prevent your keys from slipping quickly. Interestingly, you can also request the seller to make rubber keychains custom with shapes or patterns that suit your taste.

If you need clarification about choosing an essential chain souvenir for a wedding or seminar, read this article thoroughly. We will share tips on choosing a good product.

How to choose a keychain souvenir

First, we will give you tips on choosing the right keychain souvenir. You need to pay attention to three important points, from the type to the design. For more, see the following explanation!

  1. Know the type

The first point is knowing the type of keychain souvenir. Six types are popular in the market: wood, flannel, acrylic, rubber, leather, and metal. Then, what are the advantages of each kind? Find out below, come on!

Wood, is more environmentally friendly.

Key chain souvenirs made of wood are considered more environmentally friendly and, on average, have a natural brown color. Because of this, the resulting display looks more elegant.

One of the woods that is often used to make critical chains is Dutch teak. Even though the name is teak wood, this material is a type of pine wood or pinewood. So, its properties are not the same as teak wood, which is fantastic.

Although it does not have as strong resistance as natural teak, Dutch teak has anti-shock characteristics or is resistant to impact. In addition, key chains made from Dutch teak wood are also relatively light, have fine fiber, and have bright colors.

Flannel, colorful and adorable shape

If you are looking for a product with many color choices and cute shapes, you can choose a flannel-type key chain. Many sellers sell this product in cute shapes, such as animal shapes, food, cartoon characters, and letters.

In addition, because flannel has fibers like cotton, this cloth is more accessible to hair. To keep it looking neat, you can trim the hair carefully. Then, if the flannel key chain is dirty, you can wash it manually using warm water. Then, dry it in a place not exposed to direct sunlight so that the color does not fade quickly.

Acrylic, lightweight and not easy to break

Although it looks like glass at first glance because it is clear, acrylic will not break easily when it is dropped. Plus, acrylic also has the characteristics of being lightweight, malleable, and strong. Treatment is also relatively easy. You can immediately clean it with a wet tissue if it gets dirty.

Now some manufacturers make acrylic-type key chains with exciting pictures. Then, acrylic-type products are not only box-shaped, but there are round shapes, love shapes, and shapes that follow the curve of the image.

Rubber, elastic and malleable

Due to their flexible nature, rubber key chains are easy to shape, so they can be designed according to your wishes. In addition, the manufacturing process is fairly easy and does not take long. The rubber material is also easy to write and color at will. Even so, rubber key chains tend to be solid and last for years because the material is very elastic.

Leather, the design is simple but elegant.

You can consider wholesale leather keychains if you want a simple yet elegant souvenir. This is thanks to the unique skin texture, especially if there are stitches on the edges that make the key chain look premium.

However, because the primary color of the skin is dark, the color choices are minimal and tend to be dark in color. Even so, the limited color choices also make it look more elegant and classy.

Metal can be designed in 2D or 3D

Metal key chains give a premium impression because of the strong and shiny material. In addition, metal  materials can be designed in 2 or 3 dimensions.

A 2-dimensional design has a flat design, while a 3-dimensional design has a texture and even a unique shape. The metal materials used also vary. Apart from iron, key chains also use aluminum foil as the main material.

  1. Choose a design according to the celebration

Key chains are often used as souvenirs for several celebrations, such as weddings, recitations, birthdays, seminars, and certain community events. Therefore, to maximize the event, choose a key chain design that suits the celebration.

If you are going to hold a birthday party for your beloved child, choose a product with a design that seems cheerful. Meanwhile, choose a key chain with a beautiful and elegant design for the women's social gathering. You can also select a keychain with a unique design if you want to give a different souvenir at a community gathering.

  1. For a personal impression, choose the one made by request

Do you want to give a more memorable keychain souvenir? If so, select a product that can be made according to your request. Currently, many sellers offer services for making made-to-order keychains. You can request additional writing, favorite pictures, to photos, you know!

For weddings, you can request to be added with your name and your partner's name, as well as the date of the celebration. Furthermore, if you plan to make a souvenir as a keepsake with a friend, ask for a product to be made after your best friend's name. These key chains are not only for decoration. They can also leave an unforgettable mark!