5 Care Labeling Systems Commonly Used On Clothing Labels

Caring for clothes in a good and correct way is one of the most appropriate ways you can do to keep clothes durable and long-lasting. To add to your knowledge about how to care for clothes, find out about the worldwide labelling system for clothes care instructions.

Overview of Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are an identity that contains essential information about a garment. Not only does it include logos or brand names, but the existence of labels for clothing wholesale in the fashion world also has other critical roles, one of which is conveying care instructions to consumers.

The care instructions listed on the clothing labels themselves are generally made to guide customers/consumers regarding how to care for a clothing product and the most appropriate washing method for fabrics, thread decorations and certain types of sewing techniques.

Care Labeling System

For its kind, at least five care labelling systems are known that are generally used in various parts of the world. The intended labelling system includes international, Japanese, Canadian, European and American care labelling systems.

Clothing labels usually provide product information to consumers. Through labels, consumers will know the quality and features of the products offered before buying. Product standards and grades will also be seen from the labels used. Generally, clothing labels provide information on price, quantity, how to use, how to wash, and so on.

What is a T-shirt Label?

Clothing labels are objects intended to provide information about the product. In the garment industry, clothing labels are usually used to include logos, information on clothing sizes, materials used, and how to care for clothing.

Care labels and how to wash clothes usually follow predetermined standards. Labels for washing clothes given to products generally follow the standards developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The labelling rules contain a one-step washing method developed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 1972 for Paxar labels.

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Functions and Types of Clothing Labels

Permanent Clothing Labels

Permanent clothing labels are usually sewn together with a product, such as clothing. Generally, permanent labels are made of nylon, satin or woven materials. Examples of permanent clothing labels are brand and wash care labels.

The brand label contains information about the product name. Creating a brand label identifies products, prevents product imitation, and makes it easier for consumers to search for products. Meanwhile, the wash care label contains procedures for washing or caring for the product. Usually, wash care consists of five information symbols. Here are the five symbols.

  1. Washing clothes has conditions; use your hands or machine depending on the material. Keep the fibres and threads from getting damaged quickly!

Generally, this symbol depicts a container filled with water equipped with dots, lines, crosses, and hand drawings. In addition, it can also be fitted with temperature information.

  1. The symbol for bleaching clothes must be considered so that clothes do not turn yellow and minimize irritation from use.

Usually, the whitening treatment symbol is in the shape of a triangle and has a line and cross symbol. The lines and crosses in symbols indicate different information. Refrain from reading the washing instructions.

  1. Boxes and lines symbolize drying without the aid of a machine. This means clothes can be air-dried or simply hung up.

The drying process consists of two symbols: a box means dryer without a washing machine, and a box symbol with a circle inside means drying with a washing machine.

  1. So that it doesn't get perforated quickly due to ironing, there is a special method. Make sure the temperature is correct, especially for printed t-shirts.

This symbol comprises a dot, a cross, and two lines with a cross at the bottom.

  1. Avoid generalizing the drying process when using the machine. Before drying, it is best to separate according to the type of clothing label.

Usually marked with a basic shape of a circle or round. There are other complementary symbols in the form of letters: a, p, f, w, and a cross.


Temporary Clothing Labels

This type of clothing label is usually used as a complement to a permanent label. Typically, these labels contain additional information that cannot be included in a permanent brand. Examples of temporary clothing labels are hang tags and stickers.

Hang tags are made of paper, mica, or acrylic. Generally, the brand name, barcode, and price tag are included in the hang tag. The way to use this label is relatively straightforward. Just hang it using a rope or thread to the loop-in hook. As with hang tags, sticker labels are usually used for information on the size or size of clothes or shoes.


Thus, we can share a brief discussion of many shirt tags wholesale systems for clothing care instructions worldwide. Knowing this will be easier for you to find the most appropriate treatment method for the various types of clothing that you have.